Professional Anti Fatigue Compression Sock Sleeves
Reduces Swelling, Eases Heel Pain, Soothes Achy Feet, And Boosts Circulation 
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  • Proven to limit swelling, both for those on who are on their feet a lot, and those who avoid being on their feet due to painEven Cooler Feature 
  • Designed by a leading Podiatrist who has extensive treatment in foot pain management caused by the lack of support for arch, heel, and ankle core stability
  • Promotes blood circulation to help weak veins and pathways being compromised from the aging process
  • Create support for the plantar fascia connective tissues for heel through the underside to the toes
  • Naturally elevates and comforts the arch of the foot dues to dropped support from obesity, weight gain, and weight bearing activities
  • Dramatically reduces heal time for those currently with plantar fasciitis coupled with stretching, ball-rolling exercises, and helps to improve the muscles of the foot and strength
  • Wear with or without regular socks by simply slipping it on as a normal sock would fit
  • Feel the 7 targeted zones and 3 levels of compression targeted to your foot compression
  • Creates permeability and structural compression for hiking, running, sports activities, gym, walking, standing; leaving you feeling fatigue free all day long
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Why Our Customers Love Magic Socks...
Designed just for you!
These are miracle workers for my plantar fasciitis,  they make it more bearable. I wear them to bed and find that while my feet are not pain-free when I get up in the morning, I don't hobble around like I used to. Normally I hate socks on my feet at night, too hot, but the open toes help to keep my feet cooler than a whole sock would. I am plus size, size 11 feet, with larger ankles & very satisfied with the result of this..
Perfect for a long day of work...
These socks add a good amount of compression. I am a young nurse who is on her feet 12.5hrs a day and these work well, although I could tolerate a stronger compression. I guess these are good for people who are just getting used to tight socks. I am a size 9.5 but have very narrow feet/calf so I am a size small/medium, even though the package says I would be a large. If you are stuck between sizes and can tolerate a snug fit (not in the toe box!) then size down.
I wear them all the time now!
Good for flat feet like me for casual usage in daily life. These are good to protect feet and prevent losing balance. I wear them all the time now, I bought 3 pairs of them! Thank you magic socks for helping me! 
Receive your Magic Socks for ONLY $20 instead of $39.99 
Frequently Asked Questions
Does this compress the top of the foot at all? I'm tired of using tapes and would like a light compression.
Magic socks can help you feel better from the pain and swelling. It provides premium support with all the benefits of an ankle sleeve for fast healing!  

Can i wear a pair of socks over and still have shoes fit comfortably?
Of course! Customers are allowed to wear it before or after wearing Magic socks. We have many customers who wear them without socks too! 
How often can i wash them? and must it be hand washed? 
If you wear them every day - we recommend you to wash them 3 times a week or whenever is dirty. You can place them in the washing machine, it will dry quickly! 
Can I wear these with insoles as well? Or does this take the place of insoles?
It is completely possible to use both insoles and Magic socks at the same time.If uncomfortable, please try it on without insoles to see the difference. 
Not seeing a sized chart, I wear a ladies 10 shoe what size should I buy? thanks
Our Magic socks fit all sizes. Does not matter what size you are, our one size socks fits all!
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Receive your Magic Socks for ONLY $20 instead of $39.99 
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